Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bahay BJ's Bday Boy at Pan De Amerikana

March 7th, 2009........Husband turned 25th.
I had a simple preparation for him at 12 of Mar. 7th.

Little cakes, topped with almonds choco.....everything was choco since he loves it with colorful candles, a card........and more LOVE

In the afternoon, we enjoyed a mouthful foodies not to mention so affordable at Pan De Amerikana....a peaceful, countryside ambiance, open area resto, eco friendly filled with plants, inspiring with messages of encouragement, relaxing with a big unique water fan (hahaha), playful....hehehe let's us play big chess/dama and sungka.

All at Pan De Amerikana, Gen Ordonez St. Marikina

(foooooooood) my brewed coffee at P15!! yahoo!! carbonara atP35!! saya saya.
my boy loved it..

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Afternoon

(sarap maglakad lakad, Jeff and I love this bonding moment, walking together......
exploring and appreciating nearby community or our neighborhood)

Loving the countryside setting of Parang, Marikina City.

Yesterday, quarter to 4pm..we were on our way to NGI, Parang; our nearby Market and Pamilihang Bayan. hehehe. Andoks, Jollibee, Kwik-B Supermarket, Mercury, etc. can be found in 5-7minutes walk.

We had a little jogging while on our way to NGI. Husband decided to roam me not only to the usual Pamilihang Bayan ng NGI, but he wants me to see the nearby villages where MRF is located. MRF is the Material Recovery Facility of Parang, Marikina.

Jeff didn't know it's close on weekends. Yet, we explore the nearby villages of Tandang Sora St, Del Pilar ave where Pizza Smile is located (we never knew there's Pizza smile there), Crystal St..

We saw the Parang High School, was big.kakatuwa

Above all, the ambiance of the villages serenade me. Peaceful, countryside setting, simple people, kids are everywhere playing, the clean, beautiful community of Parang Marikina both encourages us.

We had a light jogging of less than 10 minutes, and more than 20 minutes roaming the community we haven't explored together yet, not until yesterday (",)

Friday, March 13, 2009

it touches the heart of pinoys

The whole nation of the Philippines had witness and mourn the death of Francis Magalona. Ever since his fight of BIG C, almost everyone knew through television and blog.

Many admired his "makabayan" through music and his "makabayn" t-shirt business and
everything he contributed to music and showbusiness at large.

Here are some things that Bahay BJ ~A Home of Love~ personally appreciate and was touch by his heart/fight/and family

* "He surrendered to the will of God"
(He yield himself to the will of God)
It was the very words of former President Cory Aquino.
It's painful to depart from your loved ones, yet also a sweet victory to leave and
go back HOME

* "We were devoted to each other because WE WANT TO, not because
we had to"

Appreciate this so much. In one of Pia Magalona's interview
Faithfulness as husband and wife should come from a willing heart and

* FM's bravery and "unparralled optimism"(as describe by Pia Guano) while fighting
the big fight of leaukemia

No one will say that big fight of C is easy.
We must say, their family have shed tears knowing it last year
yet Francis himself and his wife showed bravery and trust in the Lord
and their loved ones while on that intense challenge of life

* There's one thing that speaks inside our hearts as we watched
the most televised FM's burial...........
"We believe he had fulfilled God's will in his life as a father, husband,
artist, and fighter of a BIG C of leukemia."



Monday, February 16, 2009

Husband Appreciation Day

I think I read this marriage article a few months before as I subscribe to Marriage Connections Newsletter.

In the U.S, they celebrate Husband Appreciation Day in Summer.
Quite a cool idea isn't it?
Since some of my closest friends are married.
I think this is an inspiring idea to get together and to bond not only with girlfriends but with their respective partners.

Surely, to appreciate a husband has to be done on a daily basis. Yet, we're not perfect sometimes we take this for granted. On my case, I have been so blind that most of the time I complain, and forget to simply APPRECIATE.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

so thankful for Jeff

husband is at work today.
as i reflect our days first month of 2009 and the years back in 2007 when we were dating, while looking back to our old multiply photo albums...

realized even more, how blessed i am to have Jeff as my husband, bestfriend, buddy, confidant, playmate he he we love toys, we do!! and my partner in life.

am so thankful to God. I've seen my shortcomings, how I hurt him a lot of times.
i became unreasonably jealous, doubtful and distrustful. i hurt him deeply many times but am amazed how God shaped and blessed his heart to easily forgive me and continuously doing so.

thanks God, 2nd to Jesus, Jeff is such an amazing gift from you.
undeserved gift.

am so touch within how husband stayed so loving, patient, understanding, and sweet in times am so insecure, selfish, ungodly, and unloving.

Just thought of quickly writing this and share my utmost thankfulness to God and my husband.

Happy Hearts Day everyone!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bahay BJ's Business School Community!!

We recently made a community at We simply share the things our Bahay BJ family is learning about Finances or Financial Literacy, and business.

Come, learn with us! Join our communnity and enjoy nuggets to enrich your mind in Finances and Business.

Right now, we compiled articles that we are reading.
Soon, we will write our own articles and blogs about Rich Dad Poor Dad, and other things we learn from IMG as well.

Be one of our friends at Bahay BJ Business School and let's help each other prosper according to God's will in our lives.

Here's the link:

Bon and Jeff Galicia
Bahay BJ ~A Home of Love~

The Love Month (",)

The second month of the year 2009 has just started a few days ago.

How are you? How has been the first month of this year?
Each day in our journey, we face many things. It's either a blessing or a challenge.
And no one can stop it nor control circumstances in life. Only God, the KING and the CREATOR has the control because HE alone is POWERFUL and MIGHTY.

Again, how have you been for more than 30 days of 2009?

How's your heart for the upcoming Valentines?

For me, I face countless of failures in my attitude, in the way i think in relationship, in my habit. I hurt my husband in ways I may not intend because of those failures.

I've often told myself every morning while commuting in a van......
"Face this day GRACIOUSLY"

No matter how I desire and tried to do good things towards my husband, coworkers, friends, family, I somehow FAILED along the way. Yet, God has graciously gave me the GIFT OF GRACE.

I'll face the LOVE MONTH GRACIOUSLY. and each day in God's leading........I will face this JOURNEY......GRACIOUSLY.
I'll continue to strive in GENUINE REPENTANCE, until such time that I finally see a SMILE in the heart of my KING. As he would say "This daughter of mine paints joy in my heart by the way she lives."

How about you? How are you?

Happy Valentines Everyone!!

Bon and Jeff Galicia
Bahay BJ ~A Home of Love~

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

11 months married!!

We turned 11 months married today (",)
One more month, and we are officially 1 year in blissful marriage.

We had a tradition of celebrating our monthly wedding anniversary.
You may visit us in our multiply page to view our anniversaries' albums.

I am always grateful to GOd who gave me such a loving and understanding husband.
Last year, I started to study "A Wife's Biblical Submission" with other sisters in Jesus, and I will continue my study and want to learn more on God's will for me as a wife.

Second, I will compile what I learned, and I have new resources for good reflections in marriage at I want to hold God's hands as He gently leads me on this wonderful journey.

Just two weeks ago, we fought over something I wasn't comfortable with, but I realized the things I have to repent and we passed that challenge in God's Grace & help.

In His help, we desire to grow spiritually, emotionally, and even financially all in God's will.

Happy 11th month wedding anniversary husband nget!!
I love you (",)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Speak Your Spouse’s Language

Speak Your Spouse’s Language

Whitney Hopler Contributing Writer
Based on Gary Chapman's book

Your husband seems to say one thing yet do another. Your wife seems to expect you to read her mind. You and your spouse are frustrated that what you heard each other say wasn’t what was meant. Sometimes it can be like your spouse is speaking a different language from yours – one you don’t understand.

But you can learn to speak your spouse’s language when you work on communication skills in your marriage. Here’s how:

Make your marriage a covenant, not just a contract. God intended marriage to be much more than the contractual relationship it typically is in our society. Viewed as a contract, marriage is simply about what and your spouse agree to do for each other (and if either of you fail, the relationship can be canceled). But God designed marriage to be a covenant, a permanent relationship that’s built on unconditional love. The first step in effectively communicating with your spouse is for both of you to view your marriage as a covenant. Be willing to love your spouse with a steadfast love. Decide to focus on what you can do for your spouse, instead of on what you want your spouse to do for you.

Realize that communication leads to intimacy. The better you and your spouse communicate, the closer your relationship will become. Aim to build intimacy by focusing on your communication skills. Think of how loved you each will feel in a truly intimate marriage, and let that thought motivate you to improve the way you communicate.

Plan a daily sharing time with your spouse. Schedule a time each day or night to give each other a few minutes of undivided attention. Take turns asking each other to share three experiences that happened in your lives today and how you feel about them.

Change unhealthy communication patterns. Instead of trying to achieve peace at any price, recognize that conflict is necessary to deal with issues and find solutions to problems. Rather than blaming your spouse for everything, ask God to show you how you’ve contributed to problems. Then take responsibility for your own failures, confess them to God, and ask for His help to change. Instead of expressing only your reasonable thoughts and hiding your feelings, realize that you must share your emotions as well as your logic if you’re going to build true intimacy with your spouse. Rather than ignoring your spouse’s offensive actions or comments, hoping that they’ll go away, realize that the problems between you will never go away on their own. The only way to get them to go away is to work together to solve them.

Raise the level of your communication. Get to know the five different levels of communication. Then aim to go to the highest level – level five – with your spouse. Level one is hallway talk like “Fine, how are you?”. Level two is reporter talk like “Just give me the facts.” Level three is intellectual talk like “Do you know what I think?”. Level four is emotional talk like “Do you know how I feel?”. Level five is the most intimate – loving, genuine truth talk like “Let’s be honest.” On this level, you can speak the truth in love to each other. You can be honest but not condemning, and open but not demanding. You can give each other the freedom to think and feel differently about issues, situations, and people. You work to understand each other’s thoughts and feelings, looking for ways to grow together in spite of your differences.

Get to know yourself well. You must know yourself before you can share yourself with your spouse. Train yourself to become more attentive to your five senses (seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting) to be able to fully experience situations. Pay closer attention to the way you interpret your experiences. Notice how the way you interpret experiences affects your emotions and your behavior. Consider what your spouse may have said or done lately that you interpreted in a wrong way. Ask God to help you avoid jumping to conclusions about situations in your marriage, and instead take the time to find out what truly motivated your spouse to speak or act in certain ways. Get to know your emotions, what triggers them, and how the way you feel affects the way you behave. Recognize your desires, and the different values you place on each of them. Consider whether your desires are good or bad, loving or selfish – and how those desires and their varying intensities are affecting your marriage. Then come to understand how your behavior reveals the reality of your choices. When you act a certain way toward your spouse, you’re making a choice, whether you’re fully aware of it or not. If you pay more attention to the choices you’re making – even at the subconscious level – you can change your behavior by changing your choices. Ask God to help you integrate your feelings and desires with your intellect and your will. Instead of letting your changing emotions rule your life, decide to live by the timeless truths of the Bible. Pray for the strength you need to deal with your emotions maturely, so you can remain committed to your marriage even during tough times.

Learn the art of self-revelation. Once you discover who you truly are, be willing to share yourself with your spouse in order to build intimacy in your marriage. Practice telling your spouse about your experiences, interpretations, feelings, desires, and behavior. The more you reveal about yourself, the less your spouse has to guess, and the better he or she can understand you – which will draw the two of your closer together.

Clarify your priorities and goals. Aim to work with your spouse to grow together into the people God wants you become. Think and pray about your current priorities in life: your faith, family, friends, work, church, personal enrichment, etc. Consider whether or not each one reflects what’s important to God. A successful marriage depends on both you and your spouse bringing your priorities in line with God’s priorities. Once you and your spouse agree with God and each other about priorities, it’s time to set goals to help you accomplish your priorities. Be sure to make your goals specific, realistic, and measurable. Set goals for the growth you’d like to see happen in your marriage, and keep in mind that growth usually happens gradually, so be patient with each other as long as you’re making some progress. Discuss your goals with your spouse regularly to keep each other motivated and on track.

Make time for what’s most important. You and your spouse may be very busy, but how much are you actually accomplishing? Examine the ways you’re currently using your time. Write down how you spend your time over the course of a week; then analyze the information to decide what to eliminate. Delegate some of your responsibilities, such as by having your children take over certain household chores or hiring someone to help with tasks like doing your taxes or mowing your lawn. Schedule time to be your spouse in focused ways, rather than hoping that you can do so spontaneously and having other activities take over. Encourage each other to take time regularly to be alone, and use that time to think, pray, and reflect on life.

Identify your differences and make them assets. Notice the many differences between your personality and that of your spouse: one of you likes to stay up late and one likes to get up early, one likes to save money and one likes to spend, one talks a lot and the other is quiet, one is neat and one is messy, etc. Remember that God has created each of you to be unique. No matter how much your spouse’s different approach to life may irritate you, decide not to view your differences as liabilities. If you work together to discover how your differences complement each other, those differences can become assets, strengthening your marriage. Don’t condemn each other for being different. Instead, ask God to help you make the most of your differences so that they’ll enhance your lives together. Whenever you and your spouse notice how one of your strengths is helping the other in an area in which he or she is weak, thank each other.

Change defensive attitudes. Remember that your spouse is not your enemy; he or she is your ally. Figure out what’s causing you to feel defensive in your marriage: perhaps self-esteem issues, unresolved conflict, or physical deprivation. Understand how you usually express defensiveness: through verbal retaliation, withdrawal, or speaking to your spouse through your children instead of directly. Whenever you catch yourself reacting defensively, learn from the experience by asking yourself: “What emotions did I feel when I responded defensively?”, “What message did my spouse’s statement communicate to me?”, “What did my response, verbally or behaviorally, communicate to my spouse?”, and “What did my response reveal about me?”. Also consider how larger issues in your marriage may be contributing to your defensiveness, and discuss those issues with your spouse. Then explore ways of relating to each other more constructively. For example, when you want your spouse to do something, approach him or her with a request instead of a demand. Also, rather than saying “You should …” or “You ought …” say “In my opinion …”. The more you and your spouse feel that you value and believe in each other, the less defensive you’ll each become.

Build intimacy. Ask God to help both you and your spouse be transparent and open with one another so you’ll enjoy the freedom to know and be known. Make sure you’re each experiencing intimacy with God, since you can’t be experience intimacy with each other until you each are close to God first. Communicate with God often through prayer, and communicate with your spouse honestly and openly each day. Confess your own selfishness whenever you recognize it and ask for mercy and forgiveness whenever you need it. Ask God to pour out His love for your spouse through you and make you an agent of positive change in your spouse’s life. Over time, work to regain trust that has been lost in your relationship. Develop stronger emotional intimacy by expressing love, respect, and appreciation to your spouse more often. Build stronger intellectual intimacy by learning how to listen to each other well and discussing ideas in ways that respect each other when your opinions differ. Develop stronger sexual intimacy by working together until you both find mutual fulfillment in your physical relationship. Stay committed to each other, refraining from looking outside your marriage for sexual fulfillment. Communicate often and openly about your sexual needs and desires. Look out for your spouse’s best interests in other areas of your lives, too, to grow the kind of love you need to fuel a healthy sexual connection. Build stronger spiritual intimacy by encouraging each other to become more like Christ every day. Pray together, talk about what God is doing in each of your lives, study the Bible together, and serve God together through your local church and in other ways as He leads you. Dream together about the future, and ask God to make His dreams for your marriage come true.

*Taken from

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

All Glory To Jesus!!

Long holiday vacation was over.
Time flies so fast, Christmas was over too.
It's been two weeks past new year.

Bahay BJ is so grateful to God, for a wonderful 2008!
We thank HIM for a meaningful holiday season, which star Jesus,
the main character of the Celebration.
All Glory to Son of God who bore the pain in the Cross with JOY in HIs heart.
Simply because He knew, it will benefit us.

We have different ways of celebrating this very important season of the year.
We hope you had a meaningful journey uplifting Jesus last Christmas!
HE is so awesome, so great!!

We saw how lovely the Christmas lights of DBP at Makati Ave.
The Toyota Office in Pasig was full of light all around a spacious lot.
The Elementary School of Concepcion Marikina where trees were filled
of lights and there was an impressive gazebo full of colorful christmas lights.

And our house? Bahay BJ set up our very first Christmas tree and other decoration
all over the living room of our Bahay Kubo. So lovely,was fun doing it together.

Last Dec. 24th, on our way home from Makati, we saw the Metro filled with people.
Arriving at Cubao at past 9pm,almost 10pm! Wheew, everyone I guess was
pressured to make it home before midnight.
All jeepneys, fx, taxis are filled with so many passengers, and if you commute like us
it was really challenging. Good thing, I have a smart husband. He thought of a solution.
Instead of waiting for a Public Utility bound for Parang Marikina.
We went to Ali Mall instead and took a ride in jeepney bound to Taytay,
we got off near Sm Marikina and caught a ride to Bayan Marikina
(the jeepney route of Pasig to Bayan Marikina).

Great! We arrived Bayan Marikina in less than 30 minutes, while we know many
people were still at Cubao. The challenge didn't stop there. Public Utilities at Bayan
Marikina were still full.When we are about to get inside a jeepney, there were a
couple who got ahead of us, knowing am a woman, he never gave a seat, hahaha.
Good thing, Good Samaritan still exist!!! Awesome! God so great for providing our needs.
That good Samaritan generously gave up his seat.So sila dalawa ng asawa ko eh sumabit nlng.
We really can't forget his kindness which able us to arrive home almost 11pm.
We felt so blessed! We saw how hard it was, we experience it along with others.
That made Christmas so great, meaningful, touching.

On Christmas, we went to SM Marikina. We still did some grocery, and have some
merienda in our fave Greenwhich! In the parking at SM where van terminal for Antipolo,
Montalban, San Mateo, and Marikina was located. There were still many people especially
those bound to Montalban. I thought mababawasan na tao. We saw for the first time
how crowded SM Marikina was.

That's not the end, when we passed by Bayan Marikina comfortably sitting in a van bound
to our place, we were so surprised to see hundreds of travellers stranded, in the terminal
bound to Montalban, and Antipolo just in front of Marikina Sports Complex.

We are sharing this because it touches our hearts, how humbly Filipinos can sacrifice
inconvenience just for the Spirit of Christmas.

Let Jesus be the center not only in Christmas but eveyday in our lives.

All Glory to HIM! All Glory To Jesus! Our Beautiful Savior!!