Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Afternoon

(sarap maglakad lakad, Jeff and I love this bonding moment, walking together......
exploring and appreciating nearby community or our neighborhood)

Loving the countryside setting of Parang, Marikina City.

Yesterday, quarter to 4pm..we were on our way to NGI, Parang; our nearby Market and Pamilihang Bayan. hehehe. Andoks, Jollibee, Kwik-B Supermarket, Mercury, etc. can be found in 5-7minutes walk.

We had a little jogging while on our way to NGI. Husband decided to roam me not only to the usual Pamilihang Bayan ng NGI, but he wants me to see the nearby villages where MRF is located. MRF is the Material Recovery Facility of Parang, Marikina.

Jeff didn't know it's close on weekends. Yet, we explore the nearby villages of Tandang Sora St, Del Pilar ave where Pizza Smile is located (we never knew there's Pizza smile there), Crystal St..

We saw the Parang High School, was big.kakatuwa

Above all, the ambiance of the villages serenade me. Peaceful, countryside setting, simple people, kids are everywhere playing, the clean, beautiful community of Parang Marikina both encourages us.

We had a light jogging of less than 10 minutes, and more than 20 minutes roaming the community we haven't explored together yet, not until yesterday (",)

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