Saturday, February 14, 2009

so thankful for Jeff

husband is at work today.
as i reflect our days first month of 2009 and the years back in 2007 when we were dating, while looking back to our old multiply photo albums...

realized even more, how blessed i am to have Jeff as my husband, bestfriend, buddy, confidant, playmate he he we love toys, we do!! and my partner in life.

am so thankful to God. I've seen my shortcomings, how I hurt him a lot of times.
i became unreasonably jealous, doubtful and distrustful. i hurt him deeply many times but am amazed how God shaped and blessed his heart to easily forgive me and continuously doing so.

thanks God, 2nd to Jesus, Jeff is such an amazing gift from you.
undeserved gift.

am so touch within how husband stayed so loving, patient, understanding, and sweet in times am so insecure, selfish, ungodly, and unloving.

Just thought of quickly writing this and share my utmost thankfulness to God and my husband.

Happy Hearts Day everyone!!

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Heart of Rachel said...

This is such a sweet post. A great partner in life is a blessing.