Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Love Month (",)

The second month of the year 2009 has just started a few days ago.

How are you? How has been the first month of this year?
Each day in our journey, we face many things. It's either a blessing or a challenge.
And no one can stop it nor control circumstances in life. Only God, the KING and the CREATOR has the control because HE alone is POWERFUL and MIGHTY.

Again, how have you been for more than 30 days of 2009?

How's your heart for the upcoming Valentines?

For me, I face countless of failures in my attitude, in the way i think in relationship, in my habit. I hurt my husband in ways I may not intend because of those failures.

I've often told myself every morning while commuting in a van......
"Face this day GRACIOUSLY"

No matter how I desire and tried to do good things towards my husband, coworkers, friends, family, I somehow FAILED along the way. Yet, God has graciously gave me the GIFT OF GRACE.

I'll face the LOVE MONTH GRACIOUSLY. and each day in God's leading........I will face this JOURNEY......GRACIOUSLY.
I'll continue to strive in GENUINE REPENTANCE, until such time that I finally see a SMILE in the heart of my KING. As he would say "This daughter of mine paints joy in my heart by the way she lives."

How about you? How are you?

Happy Valentines Everyone!!

Bon and Jeff Galicia
Bahay BJ ~A Home of Love~

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