Monday, February 16, 2009

Husband Appreciation Day

I think I read this marriage article a few months before as I subscribe to Marriage Connections Newsletter.

In the U.S, they celebrate Husband Appreciation Day in Summer.
Quite a cool idea isn't it?
Since some of my closest friends are married.
I think this is an inspiring idea to get together and to bond not only with girlfriends but with their respective partners.

Surely, to appreciate a husband has to be done on a daily basis. Yet, we're not perfect sometimes we take this for granted. On my case, I have been so blind that most of the time I complain, and forget to simply APPRECIATE.


Heart of Rachel said...

I like the idea of Wife Appreciation Day. :)

Elyong said...

Nice one... sometimes wives forget to appreciate their husbands.. they just keep on thinking how their husbands forget them... hehehe... PEACE!

God bless you and your husband.

Mariz said...

We are so blessed to have been given wonderful husbands, thank God for them!

Friend, hope you can add my new photoblog to your blogroll, thanks!
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Hope to see you here too...

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