Monday, January 5, 2009

Make 2009 A Blessed Year

We welcome 2009 differently (",)

On the other hand, we have a unique 2008
I believe, I've got many things to thank God for, not only for the year 2008 itself but for everyday living. Each of our lives have different theme at a certain phase or chapter on earth.

2008 has been meaningful. Not only counting down the things that I saw happened but moreover of the things that's not seen by a naked eye. And those are spiritual blessings that God always poured upon me and my husband.

God has always welcome us with LOVE and ACCEPTANCE.
A year may just be a few days to God and a few days might just be thousand years to HIM. His TIME is infinite.

2008 is another chapter of God's Abundant Grace and Unfailing Love.

* He endowed me and Jeff, a Gift of Marriage.
Opening our hearts to genuine love, friendship and faith.
Leading our weak knees and hearts to HIS LOve and Grace so abundant that we'll never run out of it.

* HE allowed us, in His good will to face emotional tribulations and some challenges that usually encountered by new married couple, the time of adjustment and a test of love and acceptance. Through those moment, HE gently lead us and help us to better understand each other, genuinely accept, and helping us to communicate kindly and lovingly. All because of HIS Love and Graces!!

* The Gift of Having a Loving and God-Fearing Husband, A Partner in Life, Bestfriend, and a Family.

Words are not enought to express my gratefulness how God blessed me with an amazing husband who loves me, accepts me and serves me endlessly. He never demands about household chores or cooking or laundry, those stuff that a wife should carefully and lovingly handle yet invites me gently to learn and grow to better serve our family and fulfill God's will for me as a woman and wife.

Jeff helps me with household chores, we are a team. A team works together!!
He often cooks for me even if he is extremely tired from a long exhausting work which requires him of getting up as early as 2am or 1am, and goes home at 11pm or even late.
I never heard him complaining. He has good attitude towards learning and persevering.

* A Gift of Quality Time and Simplicity
I can't count how many times God has blessed us with a quality time with each other.
Even in a busy routine of work, Jeff always make ways to have time with me like having dinner in our fave fast food resto, hahaha. or bring me to Riverbanks for our much awaited footlong snacks along with yummy mango shake in a Friday night ready to face weekend with so much fun, love and adventures.

He choses me over work esp. when I am sick. He gave his warm hug when I'm down and kiss me at the forehead and carry me in his arms even if I gained so much weight and it's not easy to carry me just to comfort. hahaha. He carry me at his back when we are walking so far in a bustling city in Marikina that some people who sees us just smiled and wonder maybe that we do that without shame. hahaha

He encourages and supports me with my dreams. Even reminds me to take an advance course for me to learn and have a wide understanding of things I want to pursue and am passionate about.

A Gift of simplicity because husband and I lives simply. We live in a small house, and I called it a modern version of Bahay Kubo but we are so much happy and grateful.

Simple that we refuse to live a materialistic life. Yes, we buy things we love like a good rubber shoes we need in our exercise regimen, a guitar for him not to forget to play music. He is a good musician!!

* A Gift of Loyal and Loving Friends.

Jesus endowed us with friends whose hearts are genuine and who walks with HIM too.
They are Honey Lovela, Angela, Charis, Jen, Mhaimhai, Marichel, Mhay, Ryan, Joms, Ericka.

* A Gift of Spiritual Victory

Each one of us have struggles not only financially or emotionally but also spiritually. Like when we seem to distrust rather than trusting is one form of a spiritual struggle.
I struggle in insecurities and downhearted when some people tease me and insult me by gaining so much weight but with Jesus love, reminding of HIS Great Sacrifice on the Cross.....God leads me to choose to WIN. TO win over insecurity, to win over distrust, to win over selfishness because HIS power is upon me through Faith in Jesus.

God blessed me that I've found "A Wife's Biblical Submission", a study of Proverbs 31, a journey of a wife or woman wanting to follow God's will. Led by Sunny, a Korean married to American passionately loving God, wanting Jesus to be known, abandoned her heart all for HIS Glory!!! Met some sisters who have the same passion. I thank God for them!!

* A Gift of God's Trust

God trusts me with his resources by allowing me to work. He trusted me with loving Jeff, my husband, believing that I can help this person to love Jesus more and draw our hearts together to our Beautiful Savior. We have a habit of praying at 6pm whether we are together or not. God encourages us in countless ways.

He endlessly believe in us even if at times we hardly understand each other but now we learned a lot and grow in that aspect. Only because of Jesus!! Thank you!!

* A Gift of Opportunity, Learning......

An opportunity to learn from our work, activities, and our relationship and circumstances in life.

Jeff continues to learn from his work, Outbound Education, from history , mountains, first aid, economy, grooming, leadeship training, theater rehearsals and a lot more.

On the other hand I learned more about promotions, brand marketing, media planning, business plans, SWOT analysis, market analysis, market watch, among many things to mention.

We better learn how to take care of each other, understand, communicate, and accepts our weaknesses.

* Last but not the least, A Gift of Having Jesus

He abundantly blessed us with a heart still wanting to seek HIM, know HIM and lavish HIM with praises and thanksgiving. In the midst of opposition and unjust judgment among others........, He never fails to touch our hearts and never stop praying faithfully.

Jesus is the greatest Gift, Jeff and I could ever have. His Precious Blood On The Corss Shed for my sins.I can't stop but thank HIm and worship HIM and wanting more and more to lavish HIs Altar with Praises and Gratefulness.

His Undying Sacrifice for the good of all, exemplifying Eternal Love.......God's Love.

Cheers to Amazing 2008!! Praises and Gratefulness to Jesus!! Jesus, the STAR in our lives, star that will never fade HIS Shining Glory!!!

Welcoming 2009, faithfully looking forward to witness continuesly the amazing Love of God to Humanity, witnessing more His Good deeds, good will, VICTORY.

and more and more of HIS Graces..........

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."- Jer 29:11

Amidst the anticipated economic crisis, we are certain that God plans a future for us filled with hope!!

In Awe of God's Mightiness!!

Bon and Jeff Galicia
Bahay BJ ~ A Home of Love~

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Heart of Rachel said...

Happy New Year to you and your family. May 2009 usher is many wonderful opportunities for you.

Thank you for sharing your 2008 blessings. Every blessing is worth remembering.