Wednesday, January 14, 2009

All Glory To Jesus!!

Long holiday vacation was over.
Time flies so fast, Christmas was over too.
It's been two weeks past new year.

Bahay BJ is so grateful to God, for a wonderful 2008!
We thank HIM for a meaningful holiday season, which star Jesus,
the main character of the Celebration.
All Glory to Son of God who bore the pain in the Cross with JOY in HIs heart.
Simply because He knew, it will benefit us.

We have different ways of celebrating this very important season of the year.
We hope you had a meaningful journey uplifting Jesus last Christmas!
HE is so awesome, so great!!

We saw how lovely the Christmas lights of DBP at Makati Ave.
The Toyota Office in Pasig was full of light all around a spacious lot.
The Elementary School of Concepcion Marikina where trees were filled
of lights and there was an impressive gazebo full of colorful christmas lights.

And our house? Bahay BJ set up our very first Christmas tree and other decoration
all over the living room of our Bahay Kubo. So lovely,was fun doing it together.

Last Dec. 24th, on our way home from Makati, we saw the Metro filled with people.
Arriving at Cubao at past 9pm,almost 10pm! Wheew, everyone I guess was
pressured to make it home before midnight.
All jeepneys, fx, taxis are filled with so many passengers, and if you commute like us
it was really challenging. Good thing, I have a smart husband. He thought of a solution.
Instead of waiting for a Public Utility bound for Parang Marikina.
We went to Ali Mall instead and took a ride in jeepney bound to Taytay,
we got off near Sm Marikina and caught a ride to Bayan Marikina
(the jeepney route of Pasig to Bayan Marikina).

Great! We arrived Bayan Marikina in less than 30 minutes, while we know many
people were still at Cubao. The challenge didn't stop there. Public Utilities at Bayan
Marikina were still full.When we are about to get inside a jeepney, there were a
couple who got ahead of us, knowing am a woman, he never gave a seat, hahaha.
Good thing, Good Samaritan still exist!!! Awesome! God so great for providing our needs.
That good Samaritan generously gave up his seat.So sila dalawa ng asawa ko eh sumabit nlng.
We really can't forget his kindness which able us to arrive home almost 11pm.
We felt so blessed! We saw how hard it was, we experience it along with others.
That made Christmas so great, meaningful, touching.

On Christmas, we went to SM Marikina. We still did some grocery, and have some
merienda in our fave Greenwhich! In the parking at SM where van terminal for Antipolo,
Montalban, San Mateo, and Marikina was located. There were still many people especially
those bound to Montalban. I thought mababawasan na tao. We saw for the first time
how crowded SM Marikina was.

That's not the end, when we passed by Bayan Marikina comfortably sitting in a van bound
to our place, we were so surprised to see hundreds of travellers stranded, in the terminal
bound to Montalban, and Antipolo just in front of Marikina Sports Complex.

We are sharing this because it touches our hearts, how humbly Filipinos can sacrifice
inconvenience just for the Spirit of Christmas.

Let Jesus be the center not only in Christmas but eveyday in our lives.

All Glory to HIM! All Glory To Jesus! Our Beautiful Savior!!



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