Tuesday, January 27, 2009

11 months married!!

We turned 11 months married today (",)
One more month, and we are officially 1 year in blissful marriage.

We had a tradition of celebrating our monthly wedding anniversary.
You may visit us in our multiply page to view our anniversaries' albums.

I am always grateful to GOd who gave me such a loving and understanding husband.
Last year, I started to study "A Wife's Biblical Submission" with other sisters in Jesus, and I will continue my study and want to learn more on God's will for me as a wife.

Second, I will compile what I learned, and I have new resources for good reflections in marriage at www.crosswalk.com. I want to hold God's hands as He gently leads me on this wonderful journey.

Just two weeks ago, we fought over something I wasn't comfortable with, but I realized the things I have to repent and we passed that challenge in God's Grace & help.

In His help, we desire to grow spiritually, emotionally, and even financially all in God's will.

Happy 11th month wedding anniversary husband nget!!
I love you (",)

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SASSY MOM said...

Happy monthsary to both of you. Hope that the Lord will bless with many many loving years to come!