Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Three Best Things You Can Give to Your Kids!!

Quite a long time since my husband had the chance to fetch me at work.
He has been so busy at work, leadership trainings and theater rehearsals.

I am grateful again & again to God for showering us the blessing of quality time and bonding.

I will have to share what a lovely and sweet night that was.

Just I had a short reflection, in God's wisdom, as I pray and pray.

I realized that there are three best things we can give to our kids! (I don't have kids yet...heheheh)

1st: To raise them God-fearing,and have a personal relationship with God as they grow.
To love and honor God is the first and foremost thing they need to know.

I remember God says in the bible that, we should always tell kids about HIS love, whether we get up, walk or whatever we are doing. Wow!! That's really sweet.

2nd: I believe our love, support and our friendship with our kids is the second best thing or gift we can give them for a lifetime.

3rd: comes education......

I believe God has blessed me with these wisdom while am praying and I just want to share it. After all, there's joy in sharing!!!

Lovely Tuesday everyone ^_^

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