Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This Lenten Season- Filled with God's Abundant Love and Graces!!!

Nine (9) mornings......

Lovely mornings to heed God's Word and Received It with open hearts (",)
Husband and I decided to devote our nine lovely mornings to worship God together.

We understand that we don't deserve to worship God because we are sinners and He is Holy yet thru Jesus we can approach His throne confidently, with a heart desiring to continue to repent as He refines us to be pleasing to His sight.

In God's leading, we are in one with our three top petitions. Yet even if there's no 9 mornings, we will continue to ask God's favor.

We would like to share how our hearts has been blessed by hearing God's word:

First morning: A message of HOPE

* It started with a story of a mother who is pregnant with her second child (",)
Every night, she asked her first born to sing to her womb before sleeping.
And the child gladly do it each and every night singing
"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy......"

9 mornings is a tradition only known in the Philippines, when Filipinos believe that by completing it their wish will come true.

The message said: "We are all here wanting our wishes to come true, but here's the good news!!
It has already been fulfilled. We long for happiness? It has been fulfilled through the HOPE God is giving us through Jesus who came to save the world."

As we listen to God's Word, good news and uplifting to our souls, I'd prayed that we will be able to bring HIs Word into our hearts and in our lives in His Loving Guidance.

Second Morning:God wants us to do Good

"Not because he needs it, for HE doesn't need anything from us. He wants us to do good for us to be safe.
The message further lifted our hearts to God, when it says, "even if we fall short to His Glory and we are sinners, still God take good care of us and loves us so dearly. (It made me almost to tears)

Further, it said: Encourage others to do good as well.
Those who do good shall not say "I deserve to draw near or come to God because I do good, and my neighbor who doesn't should not come near"

It's true, I believe no one deserves to come near to a Holy God but we are all given the privilege and gift to have a personal and intimate walk with God each and every moment of our lives through Jesus, only through God's abundant grace exemplified through His Son. The reason we can enjoy intimate and firm rel. with our Amazing God!!

We are so blessed with the richness of God's word that really makes a difference in our hearts and in our day.

More message we are going to share in HIS Grace (",)

Lovely days HE paints for us. As HE will for us to commune with HIm so closely

Enjoy this day filled with God's Love and Graces.

Bon and Jeff Galicia
Bahay BJ ~A Home of Love~


Anonymous said...


You wrote a very gracious comment on my post "With All My Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength" December 16th. Thank you for your kindness.

I think it is sweet how you are counting the days of how long you have been married. You look very happy and lovely together. Marriage is a blessing indeed.

Love, Hope :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful message. My hubby has been attending the dawn mass and hopes to complete all nine.

Wishing you and your family a meaningful Christmas. God bless.