Thursday, November 27, 2008

We Delight To Share.....What We Learn

Beautiful Day Everyone!

To all who share your precious time and visit Bahay BJ, our sincerest THANK YOU!!
Those who leave comments and message in the chat box, much appreciated.

We delight in informing everyone that we added a new section for Bahay BJ's online blog.
You can see it at the bottom part of the site. There we share good sites helpful for your families.

* - a free service brought by NBC and ivillage, where family, esp moms and wife can find many useful stuff like home/household concerns, health, beauty tips, pregnancy concerns, (they even have a software to track down your fertility, for those who are trying to conceive like me!!), they also have a momtourage section where you can mingle and chat with moms through a forum esp designed for moms!! Also, there's section for parenting, love, issues and helpful facts on how to go green, weddings, entertainment, diet, food, etc.

When we say diet, it doesn't mean we want to lose weight but it's about finding the right diet for you in accordance with your body's needs. We found this site a few months ago, and we learned a lot. That's why we want to share it, so everyone who would visit our site will be blessed by it.

We delight to share with you what we learn that we believe will help you personally and your family.

Other sites we add on, are:

ilearn- also related with ivillage where you can study useful short courses for free!!
courses ranges from biz, home related, website for your small biz, etc.
I already participated in two courses that relates with business and website and it was great learning. esp for Filipinos brought to us by Commission on Information and Communications Technologyand Aklan State University. here you can find stuff like grocery list format, home decor, family activities and other exciting stuff useful for our family and home!! So awesome!! for our health. Health concerns like migraines, asthma, name it, you may watch it there and learn!! (also by ivillage and NBC), here there are tons of exercise tips,& other related stuff that will help you and your family with health concerns. a site helping people have deep walk with God!! Biblical truth on being a wife. Things every wife needs to know on how to be the wife God intended us to be. So inspiring to be part of this online study.
Where God used Sunny of to lead this meaningful study.

Surely, we will be adding more that we believe is useful and helpful to family, moms, wife/husband or couple, and etc.

We pray that you will be blessed with it.

All for God's glory!!

Delighted to serve,

Bon and Jeff Galicia
Bahay BJ ~A Home of Love ~


Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing these interesting sites.

Hope you had a lovely weekend. Take care.

Wencel said...

you're free to contribute sa marikeno blog ko if you want. basta ba original composition mo, or video, or photos and ishashare mo sa mga viewers natin eh. 3 na yung gustong maging correspondents ng marikeno blog ko. baka lang gusto mo. :) email me if you're interested.