Sunday, November 23, 2008

I love "Pasalubong"

One of the habits of my sweet and loving husband is to bring "pasalubong" everytime he comes from Laguna, Clark Pampanga, and other places so far, and those with famous "kakanin"

These he brought home when he had his outbound work at Liliw Laguna last Oct. 22.2008
You can see there were Colette's Buko Pie, Special Piyaya, Uraro cookies,special pastillas and Espasol. All of them my favorites. Since there too many and we can't eat them all, I usually share these "pasalubong" to my friends in the office.

The Buko Pie I gave to helpers and drivers. The Special Pastillas which my 5 friends in the office love, the espasol that Rachelle and I loves. It's so great to share, because others are also encouraged.

One of the sweet things God has given is the Gift of Sharing and Giving. Which I believe not limited to Christmas season only, but everday we can give and share....

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Heart of Rachel said...

Those are yummy treats. I like eating buko pie every now and then. Have you tried Letty's Buko Pie? It's 3x better than any local Buko Pie I've tasted. :)