Saturday, November 15, 2008

hindi araw araw ay Pasko

(Just thought of sharing this old blog entry I had at our page, last Sept. 25th, 2008)

This was the tagline shared to me by my husband.
He was tellin me that the time he started to like me, this line was shared to him by his friend.

There was one time that he left his notebook (which has the important notes from one of his engineering classes), so after a Sunday Service, he would like to get it in our house in Makati.
Accompanied by his two friends, he waent home to get the notebook. He further shared that, he actually want to see me rather than getting the notebook.

But on that day, I wasn't feeling well. I went home immediately after a Sunday Service in our Region, (Manila), and went straight to bed and catch a sleep since I only had a few hours of rest.

So, he went there with his friends early evening, hoping he could see me (haha). It turned out, my stepbrother handed the notebook to him when he was looking for me. My brother just said "she is sleeping", gave the notebook, and immediately closed the door. (hahaha, taray daw ng brother ko.)

Just feel a little down today....hmmm. I want to take a major step in one area of my life, still am grateful that I have a husband who is with me throughout that journey or struggle.I just remember that line he shared "hindi araw araw ay pasko", hehehe. funny though it doesn't have any relations with what I feel, but came to my mind.

Just want to surrender my struggles and my sadness to HIM

As I look up to HIS Word: It says:
"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:13

But after feelin' that way this morning, I just headed to the pantry, and filled my pink bottle with water as I used to do a few minutes after arriving at the office.I saw Grace, mixing a calamansi juice in her green cutie cup, hehehe. I asked her,"what's that for?" She answered: " I'm having a "sipon" kasi.". Wow, that's good to hear! I was sharin to her, that I usually look for decolgen when am having a cold.

So, we had a short chitchat there and I mentioned my tummy. I said: "Look! my tummy is getting thinner these days"!! She responded " Oo nga noh", galing! We started laughing, I further shared "you know naman, ang laki laki ng tummy ko" at parati akong napagkakamalang preggy" (LOL), and she responded while laughing a lot "Nakunan ka ba?"

I told her, more than one month ago, I started to have a regular exercise early in the morning for 10-15 minutes, maximum of 20 minutes. Is was my husband who encouraged me to get started and would monitor me every now and then.For every new week that comes, he would encourage me to add movement to my exercise. I also mentioned that I did a lot of "tummy toning" movement and was even demonstrating it to her, hahahaha.

Just before heading to the pantry, I read quicky "

Laugh a Little: It's Good for Your Health" at

True enough, I catch a good laugh after feeling a little bit down this morning.

I believe, it's truly God moving in my heart and in my struggles.


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