Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Evolution Park, Marikina

We didn't know its evolution park not until the time, saw marikeno's blog and he mentioned a li'l about it. His blog at:

He mentioned: "the evolution park is a lush landscaped haven. the dairy-farm theme, complete with 18 life-size replicas of cows, pays homage to the beginnings of the evolution park as the then-only grazing farm in the city."

At the back is the C & P Mall. This area is also near ST. Scho Marikina, and Greenheights and SS Village. It's also a few minutes away from the famous World of Butterfly!!

The cow at evolution park. Look at my husband..hahaha. bestfriend ata sila
Just learned that it's called "marikorea" monument located within the evolution park.

The bridge at Evolution park

Behind us is the C&P Mall

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