Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Desire To Revisit Camarines Sur

I tasted life in Camarines Sur, two years of my high school life.
Our place is a few hours from Naga City.

When I was in the University, in Lyceum...gratefully, in God's Grace was still able to visit CamSur from time to time.

Hopping around yummy restos in Naga and newly established coffee shop and fine dining restos.
Also in my third year in college, I was able to visit the beautiful Eco Village.

I remember, Gov. Villafuerte was then having a meeting, I hardly remember his face though.
Also fresh in my memory is the forest like ambiance of Eco Village, hanging bridge, falls, cave, swimming pool, & the beautiful aviary.

I had the film way back then but failed to develop our pics. hahahaha

               (here's the aviary in Eco Village)

On the other hand, here are the accommodation rates at Eco Village:

Though, di ko na naabutan ang pagdevelop ng Cam Sur Water Sports Complex, so famous these days esp to sports oriented people who love wakeboarding.

Husband and I wants to spend some time next year in my old high school place, in the beautiful Camarines Sur.

Also, early year after my graduation from the University I started to hear about beautiful Caramoan, i think more lovely than Bora.

It's a virgin island, not commercially developed compare to others.

In God's Grace, we'll able to visit it too next year.

God has an artistic hand creating those beautiful island , beaches and places so unique in the Philippines!!

More beautiful place / beach in Cam Sur...

More info on Caramoan Island:(which husband and I needs soon)

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Heart of Rachel said...

I've never been there. It must be such a lovely place.