Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christmas is on the air!!

Less than an hour ago, I received this in the company e-mail. Wow!! Christmas is here!!

Last year, the theme was Music. The Christmas Party was entitled: The 2007 ESL Music Awards. The trophy I received being part of the Committee is in my office desk.

We are back to our fave Strumms! hahaha.

Last Saturday, husband suggested I'll come up with a Scooby doo girl movie icon, clothes are causal and colorful. I said, can you suggest some more?

Hahaha....I thank God, husband was able to come up with a nice movie icon.Not the Scooby doo, but something casual yet classy and cool.

We were able to buy our blouse for this, and I have a necklace the one Vitannie gave me a few years back. Now we are in search of the shoes that this movie lady icon used in her fun and nice movie.

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