Monday, October 6, 2008

A Visit To Daddy's House

Our vacation (husband and I) started last Saturday (Oct. 4, 2008), until 7th , Tuesday.

We started our escapades by visiting Daddy, (the eldest brother of my father, in whom everyone knows as "Daddy", Bayan, hehehe)

We had a great time while on our way to Daddy's House, last Saturday late afternoon.
The breeze of the wind encourages us to stay at the place, so cool and relaxing.

The view of the metro can be seen at the top of Antipolo, a mini-Baguio near Metro Manila.

No time to take photos though. It was been a long time since I last visited this cool Antipolo.

I was in awe of the view, and the breeze of the wind, simply captivating!!It seemed like my first time. Many times I have witnessed and experience that city, but that was long time ago, a few years back in my high school and college days.

We had a chitchat with Daddy and wife, had our snack and dinner, simple yet gives us so much joy. It was so funny that my cousin Mikit (a grade6 little girl), can't remember me anymore.

(camera shy? or not in the mood?)

See? How long was my last visit? hehehe.

I greatly appreciate my husband, "padre de pamilya" Bahay BJ!!, for giving so much encouragement to me and my Daddy and family.

Let me try to post some of the photos we took at Daddy's house with his family.

Cool Saturday!

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