Thursday, October 2, 2008

rocky days need.......God's hand...presence

Life indeed isn't a bed of roses, yet even if it's not there's a beauty beholding every facet of challenges.

A holiday may not be perfect, fruitful or enjoyable, but there are lessons learned.
Important, precious, simply priceless.

Marriage, also isn't a bed of roses, even if it's not, I'll continue to believe that He has good reasons and purposes for every "not so good day" or holiday.

Realizing how much we needed God and how much we need to kneel down and pray continuously,is still a beautiful reason to smile. For every situation we have in our relationship, I receive God's Hope.

I can still feel the dazzling hope from the source of all hope.
Below are God's Word....that indeed HE provides PROTECTION.

Get a dose of HIS UNLIMITED encouragement!
UNLIMITED protection!

It might be a rocky road, thus as couple, family and friends, we would like to depend on God's protection, hope, strength and love.

For every unkind neighbor, judging without kindness, I shared to my husband to surrender them to HIM.Reminding me his word "to be kind to those kind, or to give water when your enemy is thirsty." after all God is the judge, and as I've always remind myself, God is the witness of our HEART (what's inside, he knows them all)

To this, I'd like to pray and pray even more. And ask a long time close friend ANj, that we'll have prayer together every 6:20am everyday ^_^

The essence and beauty of marriage and family do not depend on days without challenges, misunderstanding, or storms, the deep meaning and beauty will count on how this marriage/couple or family hold on to their Faith, and trust HIM unswervingly for HOPE, STRENGTH, PROTECTION, and LOVE that their hearts' needs...

And to make every effort to make things better and loving.....

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