Wednesday, October 29, 2008

nakakatuwa really makes me smile...

Oct.21st,Tuesday last week, upon arriving home, I was surprised to see my
collecton of angels are well arranged, it really made my night.

Wow, my husband arranged it, so sweet.

Among all the angels, there's one that made me laugh out loud.

Look! Below, I focused the photo on this toy...that looks serious. (nakakatawa)
Kapansin pansin kasi nabubukod tanging siya lang ang hindi angel.

Aha! This is li'l Dawnday's toy na nahalo sa mga gamit ko.

Isn't she cute? What do you think? This toy is a li'l girl I think.


Melody said...

looks like a boy to me...sweet ni hubby ha..arranging your stuff..

Heart of Rachel said...

Ha ha! That's cute. I recognize her from cartoon network.