Wednesday, October 15, 2008

how i wish

got tons of photos and stories from our company outing last Sept. 19-20; my birthday getaway with husband from oct.4-8,2008.

Husband on the other hand went to different beautiful places like Mt. Banahaw, Zoobic, Seven Lakes at Laguna, Ocean Park in Manila, Residence Inn in Tagaytay, Bio-Research in Paranaque,and went back at Island Cove for the 2nd time. Yet don't have time to share about them.

I haven't done with my project, to share our monthly wedding anniversaries, where we celebrate regularly.

how i wish I can do it. hehehe..soon maybe.

Tons of household chores, long hours of travel to work and in going home. Am learning a lot in our situations. Husband, has been learning so much in his leadership training and he's very happy about it

He's been sharing it with me..

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