Friday, October 3, 2008

happy to serve my husband!

again, my husband went to his leadership training yesterday afternoon until late at night around 9pm.

I also went home one hour late than the usual hour I arrive home, due to some tasks I need to finish.

when I went home, I planned to catch up with my 1--15 minutes exercise which I do daily, however instead of doing so, I opt to upload photos of my husband's work adventures in our multiply page. hehehe. am glad he was happy to see it.

you may visit our multiply page at

late night, i was busy preparing the dinner and doing some laundry chore at home.
supposedly my husband would like to do the laundry of his shirts himself that he need to use for his work today, however I said it's better if I do it while he catch up even just a one hour sleep, because his work is at 2am. and we ate our dinner past 11pm. he has to leave at home at 1am, and needs to wake up at 12:45midnight

he was happy going home bringing his groceries, i appreciate it even more when I saw he bought me my favorite facial wash the "eskinol orange facial wash" that not only me loves to use it but also Jeff! funny, just a week and a half ago, i bought one but in less than 4 days it was gone, i learned he was also using it. funny!

am sharing this, because am so happy doing these things. simply a joy to my heart serving my husband, i failed at times. but when times like this, it really feels good.!just like last Sunday, he had his leadership training as well, and went home tired because he has been working from Monday to Friday, comes Saturday we went to a baby dedication of my former co teacher, and Sunday, his training. He almost didn't sleep, his work has a very early start and ends late night.

am grateful that in my youth, I learned the joy in serving selflessly rather than being served.
Jesus laid a best example....

I may not be perfect yet I would always have the desire to serve....and love genuinely.

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