Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Teachers Day!

On my way home last night, I saw a big billboard along c5 that caught my attention.

It says: Happy Teachers Day, Oct. 10. I love it, a photo of a young teacher , at the back of her is a little boy writing "Happy Teachers Day" on the board.

So cool, then after lunch today, I thought of searching about it over google. I just found out at Philippine Star, that PLDT-Smart launched a program called "Project 2G: Gabay Guro", declaring Oct 10th as Teachers Day. Though for global, I think teachers day are celebrated on September.

"This is a landmark program that aims to foster the professional development of teachers through scholarship grants, English proficiency and computer literacy trainings and at the same time, pay tribute to the unsung heroes who have played a pivotal role in our country’s development — You.

All you have to do is sign up now for the program so you may continue to do what you do best — cultivate minds for the growth of the nation." this is what PLDT SMart big boss Manny V. Pangilinan said about the program.

That's cool!!

Suddenly, I thought of greeting my close friend Anj and my Tita El.

They are teachers! Anj is an online English instructor, while my Tita EL is a public school teacher for more than twenty years in service! She started teaching right after college at the age of 19. Wow, that's really young!

I would like to take time to appreciate my Tita all over again.

I have seen how she serve the kids and parents selflessly.
How she is dedicated in doing the lesson plans even on weekends and late nights.
How she patiently, help co-teachers with lessons and grading system.
How she spent her own finances to change the paint of an old room school. Even to shoulder contributions for some kids activities , if parents are penniless.

I have known public school in our place in Southern Leyte are poor in budget.

My Tita El having a kind and pure heart in serving, would always shoulder many expenses at school.

She rarely buys stuff for her own. She usually spends her finances for the family, and relatives, nieces (and am one of them, hahaha) and school expenses.

For me, she's a hero! Happy Teachers Day Tita El!!

I was also in the teaching arena for more than 3 years. it was challenging but I love it.

I can still see my self in the field of education for a lifetime.

My husband on the other hand is an Outbound Educator in a nature oriented education and travel company for more than 5 years. He leaves at home a few minutes before 3am, because they usually meet at 4am for briefing and meetings. And he arrives home late at night, I haven't heard him complain because he loves teaching the kids, nature, traveling, history, plants.

He studies online and offline with his researches about history, landmarks, etc. I have witnessed his sacrifice, and dedication.

Many times, he rarely got a good sleep, there were times he just take a nap and his ready to go.

For the past few months, I remember if he has free time, it is usually spent on bed because he was really feeling weak and sick, but what I always heard from him is his enthusiasm and love for the kids and what he's doing!

For Tita El and my husband, and my old good friend Anj, Happy Teachers Day.

You are awesome. I appreciate your heart and dedication!

Let me end this post by sharing Manny Pangilinan's message to Teachers!

Dear Teacher,

Whoever you are. Thank you. For I know that you have played a great deal in shaping the minds of the future. Though the memories may be lost and forgotten through the years, the aim of the lessons will live on in each and everyone who has been in your classroom.

Someone once said: “In teaching, you cannot see the fruits of a day’s work. It is invisible and remains so, maybe for twenty years.”

These words show what it takes to be a teacher. Amazing patience. Dedication. Selflessness. Sacrifice.

I cannot find the right words of praise when I think of a teacher I once had. One who enriched my mind and helped guide me where I am now.



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