Tuesday, October 14, 2008

enjoyed a nice and sweet conversation!

Hooray! My husband arrived home earlier than me. Wheew, I'm glad he didn't have a busy Monday at work as he used to.

He was done cooking our dinner when I arrived at 8pm.
I was feelin' a mild headache so I asked him if it's ok for me to lie down for few minutes. I simply want to relax from another working Monday. He gladly said, it's fine!

Yahoo! great! I should suppose to be the one preparing the supper. However, I'm so blessed to have a very understanding husband who always serves me in so many ways!

After a few minutes, we should suppose to eat our dinner, but my husband suddenly massage me , simply because he knows I need it esp when am having a headache.So there, we just started talking some more important things.

Family matter, that is. I appreciate him so much. He told me not only financial help matters in our Daddy's situation right now, but furthermore he shared and reminded me to serve our Daddy like visiting at their place every weekend. He suggested, "you can prepare a calamansi juice for him or massage him, or you can cook as well. Even if we spend all our finances, it's ok with me."

Isn't it encouraging to hear those word from your partner?

That's really awesome! There's always a beauty in serving others.

I was even surprised when I arrived home, saw a fresh "calachuci" with other pinky flower that I don't know the name. He knows it's my favorite. It's been a few months he haven't picking flowers for me. hahaha.

That's a simple Monday evening where we enjoyed nice and sweet conversation.
Loving and supporting each other!

I'll post the flower photo...soon


kingkay said...

how sweet!i wish that my future husband will be as sweet and understanding as yours. you're so lucky, girl!

Bahay BJ said...

Thanks Kingkay, appreciate you taking time to comment.

I believe you will have a good husband too!