Thursday, October 23, 2008

Daddy's Purse Fund Raising Program

Suddenly, I remember two months ago, I was so excited about my daily exercise in the morning or evening upon arriving from the office.

Also, a month after; husband and I thought of a fund raising program for our Daddy. He has been hospitalized since the first few months of the year, was confined in the hospital near their residence in Angono, was transferred to Medical City last July where he stayed for almost three weeks.

After his release in the hospital, he went to a ten day medication, in which he was injected medicines and dextrose three times in a day which cost PHP 3,600.00

Last Oct. 4th, we visited him and his family at Angono. We had some chitchat with Daddy and his wife. Four days after, we heard he was rushed to the hospital again, this time at East Medical Center in Taytay, Rizal where his physician is a resident doctor.

Tita El, mentioned to me that all of Daddy's savings were consumed.Thus the family has to borrow finances from closest friends and family.

After he was confined this month at Taytay, he went to an eight day medication where he is injected a medicine this time, once a day which cost PHP 3,000.00

I really prayed for it and God blessed us with this idea of Fund Raising.
What came first in my mind was to sell badge with a message to close friends and family.
Jeff said, it's hard to find a supplier who can do it for us.
He suggested instead to go for a "ganchillo purse". I said : "wow, sounds great"

I told close friends and family about this, and am praying for it continuously.
I even told God, the finances we will accumulate from this program is not that big I said, but I believe it will make a difference and that is the most important part!

We believe that HE will lead the way.

For every purchase of "ganchillo purse", you help us and our family spread LOVE for our Daddy.

We will be posting photos of the purses soon.

We will also create its own multiply account.

It was also my husband who suggested such title. I am so blessed to have a very loving and smart husband!A husband who loves my Daddy too as much as I do.

Daddy can't work this time, so we really want to help him financially not only the medicines needs but the debts incurred due to his hospitalization needs.

I would really love to share how my Daddy live his life in the service to others.
In him, is such a golden heart to love, share, serve, and give genuinely.

Our family knows it. His Wife knows it. His kids know it. His siblings know it. His nieces and nephews know it, including me. His former officemates know it. His wife's relatives know it.
His neighborhood knows it too.

Everybody knows. Even his big boss at ABS perhaps!

I, myself knows it since my younger days.

I'm so grateful to God how HE blessed me with such person in my life I have known to call "Daddy" even if he is not my biological father.

Everybody calls him "Daddy"

Indeed he is "Daddy ng Bayan"

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