Monday, October 13, 2008

Birthday Getaway

It has been 6 days past since my 26th birthday.

Blessings. God's Grace. God's Love. My husband's love. Marriage. Jepoy, mah bestfriend, my family, my buddy, and my husband.

My way to describe mah birthday.

My husband and I were so blessed to spend 5 days straight with each other.
We were both out from work, to cope up with missed times and spend my special day together.
And, simply to relax, enjoy the days, and make fun and wonderful moments together.

Jeff told me, he originally planned for 4 days activities, he shared this way.

"Saturday, (hahaha, I forgot)I think husband says, Ice Cream Store? (our fave at Concepcion,Marikina)...Sunday, I planned for us to go to Avilon (it happened), Monday, Ocean Park and Museo Pambata, Tuesday, Red Bamboo Spa, Riverbanks Seaside (where we usually enjoy grilled seafood (like pusit with cheese, hehehe),and Cordillera's Coffee.

Wow, just hearing it...already encourages me. I appreciate his heart. He really wants to make me happy by planning those stuff he knows would make me happy.

Those plans didn't happen all, because we gave our finances to our sick Daddy (my father's eldest brother). We originally agreed to spend a birthday by visiting to Daddy's house and gave finances to help with his very expensive medication. True enough, we went there, Saturday of Oct 4, where we enjoyed a cool breeze of wind, a view of the city from the top and hilly Antipolo, and a simple conversation with Daddy and wife.

Came Sunday, hoooooooooray!! When we wake up, Jeff said : you better take a bath now!" I said why? We have to do household chores first. He said yes, "take a bath and we'll do the laundry."
Hmm. quite strange! I obliged anyways...We went out and he says "the place has both water and land, hehehe.Yeah right, he asked me what I want, water, or land? or both? I said both. hahaha.

Along the way he confessed, we were going to AVILON. Yahoo! It was beautiful and really, I enjoyed a lot. We enjoyed! Though my ngetnget went there already in one of their work's site for children.

AVILON "Celebrating Life", is really great! Husband was sharing the history, and it was really inspiring!

Monday, we had fun doing household chores together from morning all the way to late evening.
went to the market afterwards, where we enjoyed a walk together........just around our area and the market at NGI, Parang Marikina.

Tuesday,Finally! ICE CREAM STORE, wheeeeeeew. Happy Happy! Avocado Ice Cream, his choco ice drop, and french fries. Like children, we love ice cream! Next in line, wheeeeew! Our fave WORLD OF FUN, where we get some stuff after collecting our points in 5 months time.
But before we did that, we had our yummy lunch at Bacolod Chicken Barbeque House.
Lastly, as I request, I want to get inside SM MARIKINA, and want to have pizza at another fave Greenwhich!

I never thought he would surprise me at a nice ambiance of Greenwhich SM MArikina.

Let me have another post about it. hehehe

Wednesday, Oct 8...we just stayed home and enjoy our time together. Laidback and relaxing


Heart of Rachel said...

Belated Happy Birthday Bonnie! Wishing you best of health and more wonderful opportunities in life. Sounds like you spent 5 wonderful days with your hubby. I'm glad to know that you had a memorable week long celebration.

I admire your generous hearts for helping your Daddy. It's sad when someone dear to your is ill. May he recover soon.

Bahay BJ said...

Thank you so much for your kind words Rachel. I hope you get well from the minor burns you had.

He has been to the hospital for many months this year.He was admitted again last week.

My husband and I are going to pursue a fund raising program for Daddy. We call it "Daddy's Purse Fund Raising Program!" Where we will sell beautiful "ganchillo purse"

We know it's little but we believe it can make a difference.