Sunday, September 7, 2008

Harmonious Sunday

My husband and I had a challenging Friday night and Saturday morning. We had a minor misunderstanding, it took us a bit of time to settle and finally make amends.Both of us were hurt, yet it was great that we surpass it with God's help.

I felt relieved and at peace after that. We went to our OB-gyn in the afternoon in a nearby hospital, where we discuss with our doctor the result of my ultrasound. It was confirmed that I have "bicornuate endometrium", I already had an earlier ultrasound result having the same impression but our doctor would like to make sure. So, she requested for another ultrasound.She discussed that it's hard for me to conceive, because of the structure of my ovary is not normal.Second, my menstruation has been so irregular since I was 11 years old. I rarely have my monthly period, in one year I have 3 to four times. Five times a year, it rarely happens.She explained that since my menses comes rarely, the bigger the possibility that am not ovulating at all.

She said "if you'll conceive, it's really a miracle, then it's really for you." Currently, I'm on medication to regulate my menses and boost ovulation. We'll observe it for three months and have follow-up check-up after that. Then, our OB will figure out the next step. If all of the steps will not take effect, she will recommend us to Infertility Specialist. The last option will be surgery to remove the thick tissue in my endometrium.It's a highly specialized surgery, and only three hospitals in the Phil. who have the equipments.Around PHP100k or $2,300 dollars is needed for the surgery alone. It's a challenge, yet I believe that HE has reasons~ My husband would always encourage me that he didn't marry me just for the purpose of having a child, he would reiterate, that whatever happens, he will always accept me for who I am.^_^

After our check-up, we had a "buko fruit salad treat, and ice cream bonding time" Love it~

Comes Sunday, we had a very harmonious day, we didn't have disagreement. We're a little bit busy, yet still relaxing. I was on the duty of taking good care the living room and the newly washed clothes, while Jeff is having a good time decorating and finishing our colorful freedom wall, or I call it expression board, where we post inspiring thoughts, things we learned, cute and funny comics, and a lot more~~We start the day with a prayer, we prayed together before facing the day^_^

Past 10am, after our breakfast, he let me watch Korean telenovela over the net at He knows pretty well how I love to watch korean novelas, hehehe. I chose to watch "Lovers in Paris" for I wasn't able to watch it when it was aired throught Phil. Television.I kept on laughing out loud, I love the character of "Taeyoung", the lead woman of the story. Very funny and downtoearth,yet has a classic taste on movies and great interest in films

While I was enjoying watching, my husband went to the market and drugstore to buy my medicine, when he was back, to my surprise he bought a lot of my favorite foodies. Ice cream treat (rocky road and coffee crumble), french fries and fresh coconut and drink, I was extremely encouraged.

His making ways to make me smile and encourage me in a very relaxing Sunday~~

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