Friday, September 5, 2008

Good Morning God!

I'm thankful that I wake up early today, as early as 3:45 am Phil. time

I was inspired and reminded by a blogger at who share the benefits of waking up early. I used to be an early riser since young, and when I finished my degree in a university, I landed a work with a very early schedule at four in the morning.

But lately, I became a late riser, my workplace is too far from our little home.

I'm so grateful to have an early morning prayer, for such a long time.
I also got to listen and sing praises to GOD. I feel so refresh.
I got to see the cloud, it looks totally different at an early hour of the morning.

Thought I got a floss towards my husband, but it's still great to voice out my feelings, but next time I'll be careful with the words I used.I thank God for the victory and encouragement he had given us, though both of us were hurt at first but in HIS grace we got to forgive each other and feel the need to be sensitive to each other's feelings~

It's also awesome to finish some household chores before going to the office. Little by little, I grow to be more familiar and happy doing my role as a wife and house manager (lol)A great feeling to be able to take care of the needs of my little family and home. I was able to wash dishes, water the plants, and bringing the washed clothes inside the house.

A lovely morning created and given by such an awesome and gracious Father~
Appreciate it a lot. Am praying' with HIS help and our cooperation, Jeff and I as married couple, family, and bestfriends will grow deep in our relationship and in handling our differences and flosses.

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