Thursday, September 18, 2008

eye mo and cucumber

I was rushed to Makati Med Wed. late afternoon due to my severe migraine.
huhuhu, i don't like injections but that's the way to fight the pain and the chilling.. my husband supposed to surprise me by going to RCBC where he brought me my fave cheeseburger meal from Mc Donalds. It turns out siya ang na surprise when my coworker called him that I needed to be rush to the hospital. anyways, I was discharged that night.the injections are painful both hands, so I can't eat alone. but I like it when my husband was feeding me like "baby" hahahaha. it seems that chicken, cheeseburger, and "palabok" on that night are too salty for my taste. it seems that too much exposure to the PC for five years of working also causes my migraine to intense pain. hahaha. at home, I can't use laptop for longer hours. My husband bought me eye mo red, for me to use after working in front of desktop or laptop. Last night, he bought me cucumber, and sliced it to think rounded shapes, we both used on our way to sleep. so cool, love it. Appreciate my husband for taking extra mile in loving and taking good care of me.

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