Friday, September 5, 2008

Cooking Agendas! Yipeeeeeee Foodies~

When I was single, I really didn't have any interest with cooking.
I can't imagine myself cooking, though I love foodies, I simply love dining in with friends around the city, nice ambiance resto, fastfood, overlooking hotel rooftop garden or swimming pool garden, or dining in in a nearby countryside. That was my habit, I was always on the go with churchfriends and long time friends or former co-workers.

But now that I got married, being a wife and a future mom (crossing my finger, and praying), excites me to cooking concerns, whoohoo, "let's get our hands dirty" and explore kitchenamics.

In the first few months of our marriage, I remember Jeff teaching very basic things about cooking, and other related concerns in the kitchen or in preparing meals. I'm excited about this because it's one of my roles to serve and ensure the health of my family by cooking healthy meals and giving nutritious foods.

Late July, we used to have a cooking class every night after work. The first night, my husband taught me to cook "adobong pusit" or squid adobo. If you're not a Filipino, you might wonder what's adobo, I'll explain it a bit, hoping that you'll have a picture what it is. It is when you have your dish cook with combinations of vinegar and soy sauce, which really taste good! SO, that was it, our first formal cooking class. The second night, we cook veggie, cabbage, carrots, beans, unfortunately I forgot what we mixed into it. But it was yummy!

When we ate those two dinner meals we had in our cooking class, it was the best taste menu we ever had, hahaha. Maybe because of the following reasons:

*We cooked it together
* We had fun getting our hands dirty in preparing those simple dishes
*Those were one of our favorites
*We cooked with so much love
*I appreciate my husband, teaching me to cook

and it's simply fun and enjoyable to eat!

Now, its September, we haven't resume our class, hehehe, we only had two cooking tutorials so far. But am excited for the next~Cooking is a great way to bond, it's fun!!

I found a blog of yahoo, its :
In this blog, there's an info that they get some of the posted recipes from

Wow, great! healthy meals for families! whohooo. I'm so excited to go over this site and learn to prepare meals, snacks, rich in fruits, fiber, and veggies.

For more infos on healthy meals, you may log on to, where they provide diet and exercise plan, with a lot of topics and info on good or healthy food that suits your needs. All for free!~
A service community by ivillage and NBC

So, there you go, I'll start to do it as a regular hobby! Wish me luck folks!~

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